Piezoelectric Actuation



With automation design as one of the main skills, piezoelectric actuation is an area where we can also help you design and develop piezoelectric actuators that rely on mechanical amplification to achieve higher strokes for travel. A mechanical amplified piezo-actuator consists of a piezo-stack and the mechanical amplifier. The amplifier can be designed to achiever higher travel, but it will also be optimised to operate with any natural frequencies out of the operating frequencies required by the control electronics.

Alristech has successfully designed piezoelectric actuators for two companies. One of them is a product released on the market, which is used on a microscopy stage for fully automated imaging of a microwell plate over a range of 500 micrometers, with a resolution of 25 nanometres. 

The second product was designed for ultra high vacuum, high radiation environment, operating in cryogenic conditions, achieving over 100 nanometres full range
at 80K, at a pressure of 10 to -9 torr, while at ambient the stage can achieve a travel of 550 nanometres, with a high resolution in the nanometre range.

In both applications a PID control loop with capacitive sensors has been used.